Leo Tolstoy Limited Edition Fountain Pen

  • Leo Tolstoy Limited Edition Fountain Pen
  • Leo Tolstoy Limited Edition Fountain Pen

Leo Tolstoy Limited Edition Fountain Pen

About this watch
  • ELEGANT WRITING INSTRUMENTS FROM MONTBLANC. Writing instruments from Montblanc stand out through their unmistakable elegance and exquisite workmanship. They accompany their owner for life. Over the course of its history, the characteristic Montblanc pen has become a timeless classic. The unmistakable Montblanc emblem decorates the cap of each writing instrument.


The Story

The Limited Edition 1868 reflects the Russian tsar era and is limited to the year of the first Edition of his most famous book "War and Peace". The colours of the Edition refer to the colours used on his first book covers and his pictures: blue and gold. The clip and the cap top are connected to the detail of the Tolstoy estate's entrance. The overall shape represents the simplicity and the real values of Tolstoy's philosophy in relation to his aristocratic origin. The hammered optic of the gold-coated barrel stands for the work done with his hands. On the other side, the rich pattern underneath the lacquered cap symbolises his time in Russia - dominated by the tsar and his aristocratic family. The wooden cone tells the story of his land Yasnaia Poliana, with its more than 100-year old trees, among which he is buried. The Au 750 solid gold nib is engraved with Tolstoy's portrait. The limitation of this Writers Edition is based on the year of the first Edition of his most famous book, "War and peace".



    Gold-coated clip


    Gold-coated barrel with hammered optic


    Blue lacquered cap with guilloché


    Hand-crafted 750 gold nib with special engraving


    Fountain pen

Montblanc Ink

    Oyster Grey, Toffee Brown, Mystery Black, Royal blue, Lavender Purple, Burgundy Red, Irish Green, Permanent Black, Permanent Blue, Midnight Blue, Corn Poppy Red, Dark saffron, Psychedelic purple, Pourpre, Violet de Cobalt, Azure, Emerald Green, Orange, Grey, Blue, Red, Yellow, Plume, Light Brown, Dark Grey, Dark Orange, Bright Green, Pink, Brown, Burgundy Red, Modena Red, Cool Grey, Manganese Orange, Petrol Blue, Maya Blue, Chinese Blue, Egyptian Blue, Lapis Lazuli, Ultramarine, Khaki, Blue, Turquoise, Amethyst Purple, Pop Pink

Refill Type

    Montblanc Writers Edition

Weight (G)


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